Our goal was always to help women look like they have been dreaming about. That is why we carefully choose and bring only the best of what high fashion houses in Europe have to offer. We are constantly growing, prospering, and developing our businesses and style. Never too exhausted to search for new brands and never too tired to get inspired from the beauty of the surrounding world, from the whimsy and change of fashion.


Is there anything more rapidly changing than fashion, or more calm and static than the streets and bridges of old town? Where these two opposite feelings and emotions merge, the idea of our shops was born: to catch the pulse of fashion tendencies and capture it in the relaxed atmosphere of warm and cozy salons. All of our interiors are unique, which is the result of shared creative work from the owner – Natalia Fiodorova and the best experts of our town - including sculptors, blacksmiths, etc...

Family Business

We are confident about the fact that our power is based on a strong team. What can be stronger than the union of people that are close not only by spirit, but by blood? Our company is a family business. We have invested our knowledge, experience, and talent in the creation and development of this company. And we keep on sharing all of this with our clients. Every day we aim to give you something beautiful from the hearts of our family to yours.

Our Symbol

An umbrella is the symbol of our shops. It is a sign of extraordinary style and guaranteed quality; as well as, the symbol of coziness, home warmth, and care. The umbrellas are an integral and a recognizable part of the city’s space; part of the "Old Town Magic." *.

* in Lithuanian language it is — "Senamiesčio Magija".


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