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Jewelry from Swarovski Crystal

Fashion changes constantly, jewelry emphasize the change. Clothes should we worn at all times, in contrast to jewelry. That is why jewelry is destined for those who appreciate themselves. Memories and emotions are like music and fragrances- they are linked with true experiences. Women are like a diamonds and jewelry is their sparkling.
At the jewelry shop, crystal shining, which resembles in the mirrors around the shop, creates an extraordinary atmosphere. It is like one is located inside of a precious casket, where one will definitely find the piece of jewelry that emphasizes their individuality. Because each of the jewelry article is a piece of art. The shop is working for 13 years now.
In our shop famous brands from Italy, Germany and Russia, are presented: Sodini bijoux, Parure Milano, Ruth Milano, Byba bijoux, AB collezioni, Krikor, Konplott, Сентябревъ.

 Jewelry from Swarovski Crystal  Jewelry from Swarovski Crystal  Jewelry from Swarovski Crystal

The use of high-grade materials defines the quality of our products - setting a distinguished standard of quality, which is revealed in KRIKOR® collection. Basic component for our products is the so called Tombaklegierung, consisting of 85% copper and 15% zinc. Therefore, our collection is free of nickel - a characteristic especially beneficial to those of your clients who suffer from allergies. Also, the hooks of our earrings are made of 925 silver, thereby complying with a corresponding EU decree. As they are additionally silver plated our earrings provide excellent wearing comfort to allergic clients. The multi colored brilliance of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, the harmony of the materials selected and the innovative diversity of design are the elements that give the collection its unmistakable charm.
Swarovski Crystal Pearls softly reflect the light, are abrasion-proof, UV and perfume-resistant and permanently retain their fascinating sheen.
The house of Krikor has successfully placed emphasis for many years on the phenomenon of "classic goods" exclusively manufactured in Germany. 




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Jewelry from Swarovski Crystal

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