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SM high fashion

SM high fashion Our couture fashion store is located in a tranquil, cozy place in the Old City. Come here to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of refined and exquisite elegance. Each customer matters a lot to us, so we show exclusive care to our clientele. The hassle-free service, the unique interior, the competent assistants — everything helps you to take time and carefully choose your purchases which will keep you happy for years to come.

 SM high fashion SM high fashion
 SM high fashion


We meticulously curate all the clothes showcased in the store from the collections of leading fashion houses and bring them from Italy. We guarantee the genuineness and high quality of each item, whether it is a dress, a purse or a pair of shoes.
Our store offers the fashion lines of such renowned brands as:


angelo Marani  CLASS Roberto Cavalli Lietuva
Modern touch, extravagance and exclusiveness. The combination of the surprisingly original cut with high-quality fabrics explains the secret of versatile garments that look good and appropriate in any circumstances. The elite, exclusive brand. This brand is characterized by the unique style, unmistakable yet impossible to imitate, and its elegance and relevance.
Blumarine Blumarine
This brand belongs to a deluxe sector of the market. These are truly timeless clothes. The defining style of this brand is sophisticated glamour. The quality of all and every item is considered to be no less than perfect. Femininity and simplicity in everything. Elegant design, quality and functionality. This is a real breath of fresh air in the modern life. This is a claim for being able to create new classics, practical yet at the same time exquisite. High is about how attractive can be functional.
Versace Collection Lietuva
 Via Delle Perle Lietuva
Combines formal elegance with the maximum luxury. Special attention is given to details: even everyday clothing should fascinate you with its subtlety. The provocative, innovative brand has become a sensation. The VDP clothing style is about femininity and sexual appeal.

 Diego M Lietuva
This is a modern Italian brand for deluxe outerwear. It offers both prêt-à-porter and haute couture models that combine luxury and practicability, which makes these garments appropriate 365 days per year. The Diego M collection includes hand-made models, contemporary double-sided items with detachable fur trimming. Top-quality models that fit well in the wardrobe of any woman.

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