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SM accessories The showroom at 16 Tomo St. is well known and appreciated by the residents of Klaipėda. The store has been operating for 22 years, consistently drawing visitors by its warm, homely interior and a wide choice of outerwear, headwear and accessories. We believe that each item of clothing matters. Whether it is a hat, a neck handkerchief or a scarf — they can be that final touch that completes a person’s well-rounded image. That is why we pay so much attention to details and think that each accessory is worth being presented in the most favorable way. Each time we pack your purchase, we enclose a bit of our affection. You will definitely want to come here again! We will offer you a huge selection of colors and fabrics, accessories of various styles.

 SM accessories  SM accessories SM accessories

One will find a myriad of colors and fabrics, as well as, accessories and different clothing styles. The following brands are presented:  Elisa Cavaletti, Seeberger, Passigatti, Vizio, Calimar, Codello, Hanz Muller, Wabersich, Beate Heymann, Barbara Schwarzer, Agnelle.

Elisa Cavaletti Lietuva Sodini
Elisa Cavaletti is a brand of women's apparel, an embodiment of the highest level of the Italian creativity. The brand’s cosmopolitan style makes women around the world really stand out. The combination of the highest quality, a gifted, creative design and exclusive properties makes a distinct characteristic of the Sodini jewellery.
Seeberger Lietuva Codello Lietuva
The largest designer and manufacturer of women’s headwear since 1871. Seeberger is a combination of modern elegance with comfortable wear. A maker of neck handkerchiefs and scarfs that leads the trend. They create new items for each season. Authentic and unique.

Vizio Lietuva

Agnelle Lietuva
Each woman is beautiful and unique, and hats of the Vizio brand, the top-class hats decorated with Swarovski beads, are designed to emphasize your unique and impeccable image. This is a leading manufacturer of gloves. They feature a unique style and zero-tolerance quality control. All items are hand made. The manufacturing traditions have been kept since 1937.


Tomo g. 16
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